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"I have been using Glorious Life Natural & Organic Soaps for a few months now and can honestly say it has to be one of the best products on the market.  My skin feels "cleaner" and softer.  The scents are very  subtle.  I have given soaps to friends and family as gifts with such positive reactions. This is a lovely little company."
- N. Bagnell
  Ottawa, Ont

"I used my laundry stick on a blood stain that has been in my daughter's sheets for a while. It has been washed several times and never came out. Your laundry stick took the stain out just by rubbing it on. It was out before I even put it in the wash!! I'm a believer!!"
- Erin C.

"It (laundry stain stick) worked fabulous at removing a juice stain from white pants! Awesome product!"
- Diane 
Barrie, ON.

"Just want to give you the thumbs up for the lip gloss; it is perfect.  I normally use (brand name) lip balm at bedtime & if I don't my lips are dried & cracked by morning.  Yours lasts, & works better.  Even better is that it contains only natural ingredients. Thanks!"
- J.F.

"Yesterday afternoon I arrived home after an extremely long busy day and decided to have one of my favorite relax me drinks. Red Wine and ginger ale (half & half). As I sat down with my book in hand I knock the glass with my drink in off onto our almost white rug. I frantically mopped with paper towel got out my carpet cleaner with cleaner didn't seem to be working. So clutching at straws I rubbed on my Glorious life stain remover bar and magically the red was gone. I finished up using only water in my machine and today I have a dry stain free carpet. Thanks Glorious Life stain remover bar."
- Sue W.
Ottawa, ON.